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Scope PRX4SERL Four Zone Receiver Decoder

£329.98 (inc VAT) £274.98 (ex VAT)

Product Features

  • Manufacturer : Scope
  • Part Number : PRX4SERL
  • Power Input : 12V to 13.8V dc @ 0.5A (via the blue latching connector provided)
  • Power Consumption:
    • Standby (relays off, no serial port) : 28mA
    • Standby (relays off, serial port connected) : 38mA
    • Active serial decoder : 63mA
    • Active all relays : 250mA
  • Singalling Protocol : POCSAG FSK NRZ (Normal or Inverted)
  • Relay Contact max rating : 0.5A @ 125V ac, 1A @ 60V dc
  • If necessary, the unit can be reset by depressing SW1 through the hole provided on the lower endplate

Technical Details

The PRX4SERL is a POCSAG receiver decoder equipped with four “change of state” relays. It is designed to operate with the Scope Pagetek and Digilink transmitters.

All relays have N/O, N/C and Common connections available on screw terminal blocks located on the main circuit board. The maximum contact rating of each relay is 0.5A @ 125V ac, 1A @ 60V dc.

Up to four capcode ranges (either alphanumeric or numeric) can be used to latch four corresponding relays and their respective front panel LEDs. The relays can be globally reset either using a preset over the air capcode or by depressing the Reset switch. Optional software is available which only latches the relays for 3 seconds (for 1200 baud TX systems only).

The PRX4SERL has the added facility of an RS232 serial port, providing a data logging function (text only). The unit can optionally be configured to send Scope protocol for onward transmission (using a Scope transmitter on a different frequency).


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