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School Fire Alarms - BS5839 Compliant

Welcome to The Safety Centre.  Within our site we have hundreds of products suitable for school fire alarms.  It is important that suitable fire alarm systems are installed within schools to protect the occupants of the building and also the property.  Within the UK School Fire Alarms should be designed to the recommendations BS5839.  We have hundreds of products suitable for use within school buildings.

School Fire Alarms

Analogue Addressable School Fire Alarms

We have several analogue addressable fire alarm systems suitable for use within school buildings.  These types of fire alarm systems are more suited to medium to large sized school buildings.  The benifits of these systems are that they can be wired in loop circuits which are more efficient for larger fire alarm installations.  The devices on these systems are addressable.  This means that each device can be allocated a unique address number on the system.  Against this address number location text can be given against it at the panel position.  This allows much faster identification of fire alarm activations and fault indications on the system as the text on the panel describes exactly where device is located.

Conventional School Fire Alarms

In smaller school buildings a conventional fire alarm system may be more cost effective to install.  These are suitable for small school fire alarms as the equipment is much less intelligent and generally cheaper than analogue addressable fire system equipment.  These systems consist of zone circuits and sounder circuits which must be wired seperately.  The panels for these systems are typically available in 2, 4 and 8 zones.

Wireless School Fire Alarms

In schools where hard-wired fire alarm system installations may be difficult.  It may be easier to install a wireless fire alarm system.  These systems feature battery powered devices which do not have to be physically connected with cable to the main fire alarm control panels.  The devices communicate wirelessly with the main control panel using radio technology.  We have system featured within our webshop which are BS5839 compliant and suitable for installation within school.

For more information on School Fire Alarms call our experts NOW on 01200 428 410 or use our Livechat facility below.

Posted: 10th July 2013


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