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I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with your service I took receipt of the extinguishers just before lunch, from an order I only placed yesterday morning Please thank all concerned with th

Resettable Call Point Range Expanding At The Safety Centre

The Safety Centre have a wide selection of fire alarm call points available to purchase online.  Many of these call points feature a plastic resettable element.  This feature is ideal for people responsible for the maintenance of a building as it means the glass in the call point does not have to be reset after a break glass has been activated.

Our product portfolio has several call points with this feature from some of the worlds largest call point manufacturers.  These manufacturers include KAC, Fulleon, Fike and Cranford Controls.

KAC MCP1A-R470SF-01 Call Point With Plastic Element

KAC MCP1A-R470SF-01 Call Point


The KAC MCP1A-R470SF-01 Call Point comes as standard with a plastic element which is extremely easy to reset.  This unit also comes supplied with a backbox which makes it suitable for both flush and surface mounting.  There is also a wide range of peripheral products available for this break glass unit, including plastic covers and lockable seals.

Cranford Controls SyCALL R6847L Call Point with Resettable Element

Cranford Controls SyCALL R684L Call Point


The Cranford Controls SyCALL R6847L Call Point is an attractive conventional break glass unit suitable for use on non-addressable fire alarm systems.  Again this device features a plastic glass that can be easily reset.  One useful feature of this device is that it can be used on fire alarm systems needing both 470Ohm and 680Ohm to initiate a fire signal onto the control panel.  This means that it is also great for retro-fit use on older systems using the 680Ohm value.

Fulleon CXL-UNIV-R Call Point Supplied With Plastic & Glass Element

Fulleon CXL-UNIV-R Call Point


The Fulleon CXL-UNIV-R Call Point comes supplied with both a glass and plastic resttable element as standard.  This means that the installer can choose which element is required and install the break glass accordingly.  This call point is suitable for conventional type fire systems and also features selectable resistance values like the Cranford Controls device above.

If you're interested in these Call Points above you may also be interested in our KAC Call Point and Apollo XP95 Call Point ranges.

Posted: 30th January 2013


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