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Apollo XP95 Smoke Detector 55000-600

Like the rating says this is a Fantastic detector, easy to install and no problem to get up and running with the system, very happy with this product and the price is very cheap for a quality product

Notifier OPAL AV Range Product Launch

Notifier OPAL AV Range Product Launch

Notifier have announced the launch of their new OPAL AV range of addressable audio / visual evacuation devices which supersede the previous range of AVAX devices.

The new Notifier OPAL AV range of evacuation devices fit into exactly the same (B501AP) base as their OPAL range of detectors.  Installation is therefore simplified with no need to install specific types of base in particular locations.

Notifier OPAL AV Range

All of the OPAL devices are fully backwards compatible, so they can be used as a replacement on existing sites by simply changing the base.  This means that Notifier expect the vast majority of projects to move to the new range of devices very quickly and therefore expect to phase out the AVAX devices during the third quarter of this year (2012).  Notifier will retain the ability to supply small quantities of the AVAX devices as spares.


  • The B501AP base allows the OPAL AV range and OPAL Detector range to share a common installation base, giving reduced inventory costs.
  • Greater flexibility of installation.  Additional AV can be added to any detection point at any stage.
  • Loop powered with a Low current draw
  • Electrical isolation in every device - ensuring that all devices continue to work in the event of a wiring fault
  • Backwards compatibility - supports both the OPAL digital protocol and the legacy "CLIP" protocol.  Not mechanically compatible with the LPBW or old B501 bases.
  • The OPAL AV devices can have their volume and tone selection set by configuring the panel to reduce the need for access equipment.
  • Outdoor mounting option for beacon
  • Loop addresses set by using the familiar rotary switches


The Notifier Analogue Addressable OPAL AV device series uses the same base as the OPAL detectors for greater simplicity during an installation.  This also means that the additional base types offered for AV products may be used with the standard detectors.  The fire retardant base cover incorporated in the AV means there is no need to use a red base for a red sounder.  All the bases are the same.

Notifier OPAL Sounders


To support system design for the new OPAL AV devices the first part of the new Integrated Tools Suite (ITS) will be released as part of the OPAL AV launch.  This will allow loop and battery calculations for the new range of OPAL AV devices and existing loop devices in conjunction with the current ID3000 and ID50 / ID60 range of control panels.  This new tool will replace the current loop and battery calculator which will not be updated to support the new range of OPAL AV devices.


The Notifier Designer assists the user in the detailed design of a Notifier Fire Alarm System.  By inputting the quantity of each device type to be connected to the loop the designer is able to calculate the maximum allowable loop length.  The designer also uses the total panel load to determine the required battery size.  A report can then be run to record the configuration and battery calculations.

For More Information On These Product Please Click The Following Link:  Notifier Fire Alarm Systems

Posted: 20th June 2012


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