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Notifier Launch Three New Addressable Interface Models

Notifier by Honeywell is pleased to announce the immediate availability of three new Opal modules. These further enhance the range of Opal devices, allowing many sites that currently use the legacy protocol for addressing interfaces to move to the more powerful Opal protocol. The new modules added to the range are as follows:-

Notifier Addressable Interface Mini-Module - NFX-MM1M

The mini-module is a direct replacement for the recently withdrawn MMX-102E micro-module. The new module is backward compatible so can be used as a service replacement. The LED output has been removed as it is rarely used in order to keep the size of the module as compact as possible. The small size is also the reason why this module has been provided without a built-in isolator. The simple address wheels have been retained, with the full Opal range of 159 addresses accessible to build on the capability of the Pearl panel.

Notifier Addressable Six Channel Output Interface Module - NFXI-RM6

The six output module is a new part and does not replace anything directly. It includes a built-in loop isolator and is fully Opal compatible. This means that when used with Pearl each channel can be given its own text as well as an overall text identifier being given to the module.  In this way the module location and each channel function can be separately labelled on the system and shown with events.

 The format of this module is different from the legacy multi-modules so the new style enclosure is required. It is recommended that this unit be used in preference to the CMX-10RM where not all outputs are being used as the current modules will be phased out in favour of the new modules during this year.

Notifier Addressable Ten Channel Input Interface Module - NFXI-MM10

The ten channel input monitor, like the six channel output, has the capability (when used with Pearl) to provide individual channel function as well as module location. The addressing is carried out using the familiar code wheels so that the full range of the Opal protocol can be utilised. The physical format is the same as the new six channel module.

The current (CLIP) ten channel input will not immediately be withdrawn from sale but will be phased out this year. This module is recommended for new installations. The new module is backward compatible with CLIP installations but the enclosure will need to be replaced if using it as a service replacement.

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Posted: 2nd August 2013


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