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Great Unit, using these has reduced costs in our building, helping us to be kinder to the environment in the process!

Fire Alarm Cable Specified For Birmingham Airport

Fire Alarm Cable From Draka Has Been Specified For Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport are undergoing a 100 million pound redevelopment of the airport.  Part of this redevelopment is to extend and upgrade their fire alarm systems.  This redevelopment has seen the previously named Terminal One and their Euro Hub facility combined into a single unit, now named One Terminal.

Fire Alarm Cable

Draka Fire Alarm Cable has recently been specified and installed as the fire-rated cable to be used on the project for the power cables to the facilities fire sprinkler suppression system.  The Draka Firetuf FTP-120 Fire Alarm Cable has been installed to power these systems.

The Draka Firetuf FTP-120 Fire Alarm Cable is compliant to BS 8519:2010 & BS 8491:2008.  These British Standards are the standards associated with 120 Minute Fire Resistance Rating and Fire Integrity Power Cable Rating.

This Fire Alarm Cable was ideal for the installation as explained by Mark Froggat who is the marketing services manager for Draka in the UK.  His comments were as follows, "The Firetuf FTP120 Cable is designed specifically to provide enhanced fire performance for critical installation in complex, fire-engineered buildings such as airports, hospitals and public building where fire safety relies on the continued working of automatic fire suppression facilities, fire detection and alarm systems, smoke control, ventilation, sprinklers, shutters and firefighting lifts."

For More Information On These Products Please Click The Following Link:-  Fire Alarm Cable

Posted: 13th December 2011


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